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She scribed exams in 10 years for the disabled Representative Image MANDYA: Two toddlers died and seven others are undergoing treatment at the Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences in Mandya, about km from Bengaluru, after they were administered the pentavalent vaccine which fights five diseases on Friday.

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Preetam, 2, and Bhuvan, 2, died after they hot crypto 2022 given the vaccine at an anganwadi centre on Friday at Chindagiri Doddi village, ninjatrader 8 automatizuotos prekybos strategijos 3km from Mandya. While Bhuvan died on Friday night, Preetam succumbed to possible side-effects of the vaccine on Saturday. Seven children, who fell ill after being administered the vaccine, are being treated at MIMS.

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According to District Health Officer Dr Mohan, the children may have died due to side-effects of the vaccine. As per preliminary investigation, one deceased child was suffering from fever and the other had a low platelet count. We administered the pentavalent vaccine to more 2, children across the district and no health problem was reported," he said. Mohan said the other children are stable and out of danger.

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Separate teams comprising medical and paramedical staff have been formed to monitor the situation and they've been dispatched across the district to take actions if anything amiss surfaces, he said.

A paediatrician told STOI that except for children refusing to drink milk, their condition is stable and they're being constantly monitored.

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We should send that vial and blood samples to a laboratory for scientific examination as it'll shed light on what went wrong," he said. Dr P L Natarajdirector, department of health and family welfare, said, "An inquiry has been initiated against the anganwadi staff and Accredited Social Health Activists part of the National Health Mission who administered the vaccines, but no immediate action has been taken.

We'll get the report at the earliest," he said, adding that vaccination is being continued in other villages of the district but will be stopped if any problems are reported "Instructions have been given to immediately stop using vaccines of that particular batch till further directions.

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The same vaccination has been used for babies across the state and no cases of adverse effect were seen elsewhere.

Hence, parents must not panic," he added.

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Parents protest Parents and villagers protested in front of MIMS, shouting hot crypto 2022 against the health department. Parents alleged that health officers and doctors are trying to cover up their mistake. Why then did the other seven children fall ill?

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Protesters urged the government to give monetary compensation to families of the victims. Health and family welfare department director Nataraju met district officers and instructed them to take necessary steps to treat the children as well as take precautionary measures if more such incidents are reported in the district," said deputy commissioner N Manjushree.

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Pall of gloom A pall of gloom descended on Chindagiri Doddi and neighbouring villages. Grief-stricken parents brought their seemingly healthy children to nearby hospitals and doctors for a medical checkup as news of the deaths spread like wildfire.

There was a rush at paediatricians as parents were worried about the vaccination programme. Even though my child did not show any side-effects, I didn't wanted to take a chance," said Sowmya, a homemaker. Rathan Kelkar, commissioner, health and family welfare department, said the entire batch of pentavalent vaccine has been withdrawn from Mandya district and samples sent for a lab test.

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The World Health Organisation representative for the state is also in Mandya," he said. It didn't get any clarity on the cause of death.

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Once we get the lab reports, we'll get clear information," he said. Instructions were given to conduct the autopsy of the deceased babies as per the guidelines of 'Adverse event following immunization' AEFI.

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CDTL is an advance lab engaged in testing vaccines. What is Pentavalent vaccine? Pentavalent vaccine provides protection to a new born baby from five life-threatening diseases such as hot crypto 2022, pertussis whopping coughtetanus, hepatitis B and influenza B. The vaccine, which contains five different vaccines in single vial is part of the Universal Immunisation Programme.

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It's administered in three doses to the new born in at 6, 10 and 14 weeks.